Ana Marttin introduce the Capsule Collection created in collaboration with Mónica Cruz & Iria Ballesta.

Iria And Mónica in a deep and relentless search for the perfect shoe, join Ana Marttin to create and develop a collection of shoes to meet the expectations of today’s woman.

With this fusion extravagant pieces are created and in turn easy to carry in the day to day.

“I have always admired Iria’s taste and talent for creating magic in her beautiful and artistic styles as well as sensitivity and creativity in Monica’s movement on stage”

Mónica Cruz

Born in Alcobendas, Madrid, into a family of artists in March 1977. Her sister Penelope is an actress and her brother Eduardo is a singer.

Passionate about dance since her childhood, she joined the Royal Conservatory of Dance where she becomes an emeritus dancer. It belonged for 7 years to the company of Joaquín Cortés.

Later he was part of a successful Spanish television series that allowed her to make the leap to both national and international interpretation.

It also works as a model, being image for brands like Mango.

Iria Ballesta

Linked to the world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle for more than 15 years.

One of the most acclaimed and nationally renowned stylists who plays on the red carpet.

Expert in shaping incredible looks in fashion editorials.